Manage patient receivables. Maximize profitability.

Enjoy fully automated revenue cycle management and collections that help practices save time, improve cash flow, and continue to thrive.

Developed by dentists for dentists, TekCollect's programs help ensure a healthier bottom line for your practice and better billing experiences for your patients. Our endorsement by the New York State Dental Association allows us to offer our comprehensive services to NYSDA members for a discounted rate.

Our app, TekMD, integrates with your existing practice management software to automate every step of the revenue cycle. Saving your staff valuable time and effort, they're able to view individual account summaries, sort receivables by criteria customized for your practice, and submit accounts to TekCollect for pre-collect and collection services - all at the click of a button.

Then use TekMD to monitor all TekCollect activity in real-time, including payments, written and verbal contacts and results. Enjoy these services plus exclusive benefits:

  • Industry-leading recovery rates and guaranteed results
  • Low NYSDA pricing of typically less than 5% (competitors charge 33%-50%)
  • Non-alienating contacts to preserve patient relationships
  • FREE electronic database skip tracing
  • FREE credit bureau reporting
  • Optional secondary contingent recovery division


To receive a free accounts receivable analysis, as well as exclusive pricing, mention the NYSDA.